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Below we have listed our services -for more information please contact our office.

Constantly we are working to expand our service solutions following the needs and wishes of our customers.

You are always more than welcom to contact us for an informal dialogue about an individually fitted service plan.



Daily cleaning on a monthly service: Window cleaning
Private companies  
Official  companies, institutions and similar.  
Main cleanings    
Stairs cleaning and maintenance Janitory services
Cleaning after renovations of buildings Special tasks:
Different treatment of surfaces: Damage control & service
Scrubbing and polishing of floors  
Sealing of floors  
Oiltreatment of hard wood floors  
Carpet cleaning Antistat treatment of carpets
Different deliveries:  Side orders:
Linen delivery Canteen service
Delivery of diffent papers and towels Dishwashing                                                            
Delivery of dispensers/soaps etc. Make up of meeting rooms and table making
Matt service Coffee making
Snow service  

Sjællandsk Rengøring A/S


Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is a discipline where extremely varying working plans need to be adhered to. All companies are very different and different needs to be given full attention.

Some have an extended working plan with dishwashing, fridge, coffee machine and other types of machinery which shall be cleaned/started and maintained.

Hard floors of many different types, genuine carpets, or designer furniture. Others have carpets or epoxy floors or polished concrete floors.

All these things makes it very clever to choose a company which has more than 30 years of experience. We know almost everything from earlier experiences.

You can therefore leave the cleaning of these premises with a calm mind to us, in this way you can concentrate on your own core business.

Reference: Kontorrengøring

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mail: info(at)sjreng.dk

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